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La Bonne Adresse welcomes visitors around the world to make them benefit from the beautiful Laurentides region. La Bonne Adresse offers 4 bedrooms with private bathroom which each have their personality to seduce you.



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2 beds 1 bathroom Wifi

Access to the customer living room, coffee machine, small fridge, TV and reading corner. A capacity of 3 people.

2 beds 1 bathroom Wifi

Ideal accommodation for families with a capacity of 3 people.

1 bed 1 bathroom Wifi

Ideal accommodation for couples with a capacity of 2 people.

Suite Myosotis
2 beds 1 bathroom Wifi

Ideal accommodation for families with a capacity of 4 people.

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819 688 6422



3 travellers - 2 beds

125$ + taxes

Access to the guest lounge – coffee and tea machine, small fridge, TV and reading area. Includes a private bathroom outside of the room, queen bed, single bed and a capacity of 3 people.

The Woods
Cinque Terre
Mountains and fjords


3 travellers - 2 beds

125$ + taxes

Ideal accommodation for families. Has a private bathroom, a double bed, a single bed, a capacity of 3 people.

The Woods
Cinque Terre


2 travellers - 1 beds

125$ + taxes

Has a private bathroom, a double bed and a capacity for two people.

The Woods
Cinque Terre

Suite Myosotis

4 travellers - 2 beds

125$ + taxes

Ideal accommodation for families. Has a suite with private bathroom, a queen bed, a private living room, a sofa (converts into a double bed) and a capacity of 4 people.

The Woods
Cinque Terre
Mountains and fjords
Cinque Terre




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Not to mention the babies, the capacity of the room is 4 travelers. Animals are not allowed. $ 125 included two people, $ 30 per additional person.

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This beautiful Victorian house is located in the heart of the village of Saint-Faustin, Faced with the heritage church and the Maison des Arts and Culture. Built at the end of the last century (1890), she was in turn general store and post office.

Property of Philomène Gareau then of Hector side married to Deliska Guindon then, De Léopold Thisdale married to Adélia Loiseau. In September 1928, she was sold to Hormidas Sarrazin, Married to Aurore Lecompte, he had a son, Jean-Marc, born in 1931. This house then housed a post office, A restaurant, a bus terminal and a barber show as well as a dance hall where have been attended Many couples from Saint-Faustin.
Rue de la Pisciculure at the beginning of the century

It was, it is said, the appointment after Sunday mass. People from Lac Superior and Carré on horseback lake, stretched their thirst before returning. Several families currently living In St-Faustin and in the region come from these meetings. Mr. Sarrazin had the reputation of being A man of heart, generous and proud of his village.

In 1952 he decided to leave Saint-Faustin to settle in Montreal. He exchanges with Mr. Armand O. Lampron his house, who also serves as a trade, Against an apartment house. The lampron settle in Saint-Faustin with their children And exploit the post office. A few years later, the father dies suddenly. It is Jean-Guy, the son, who succeeds him until the federal government builds one Post office a little further. Jean-Guy renovates the house, makes accommodation there and sells to Ginette Lupien and her husband, Yvan Deschambeault who modernize her and praise the other two houses. The latter will operate a bar in the old post office.
Rue de la Pisciculure in the 1930s - 40

In 1991, Odette Bélanger, a trader in Saint-Jovite, bought the triplex as a home for her retirement. In 1993, she settled in the large apartment with Jean-Marie Noël and their daughter Iris. She added a room Glass South on the southern side, thus entering the light and giving view of the White Mount, then it removes the prefinity from the walls And discover the original floors. She decides to open a B&B there at the end of 1994 after having recovered the two Other homes. In 1996, the whole outside is redone. We remove the facing to discover the decline of wood. The balconies Wrought iron are replaced by turned wooden galleries, metal doors by wood doors borrowed from others Old residences and moldings are redone under the attic, in the cornices as well as around the windows.

In 1998, the inn became « the right address » and can host up to 18 people. It was also at that time That the service of the table d'hôte is added for supper, in the evening. In 1999, with three other inns, the group « Our beautiful inns of yesteryear » is born and win a mention of excellence with Agricotours. He also wins the Price of the tourist promotion of Laurentides as part of the establishment of a network of ancestral houses in Historical character which offers a bicycle activity of four (4) days and which connects the participating inns between them bordering The linear track « Le P’tit Train du Nord ».
Facade front of the Gite La Bonne Address

In the spring of 2001, Martine Bourdon and Paul-H. Pichet became new owners. Paul, Montreal accountant, And Martine, formerly secretary of management for a financial institution in Montreal, report the challenge of receiving and Cap guests. Martine, with her French origins, brings a personal touch to meals. The decor of several rooms is redone, and the furniture undergoes some modifications. The bedding is also refreshed.

In the spring of 2003, the cottage found new owners, Florence Delespierre and Bruno Jarry, both Of French origin. They were looking for a little corner of paradise in Quebec to animate a cottage, and this dream was Made through « La Bonne Address ». Place of tranquility and resources, they want to share This atmosphere with a passing traveler in this beautiful country. The gite « La Bonne Adresse » is classified Gite 3 suns from winter 2003. The following years are devoted to interior decoration and create a relaxing atmosphere, In particular, by installing a slow combustion whose flame of the logs is the joy of our skiers. These improvements are Recognized by Quebec hotel by awarding us a fourth star in August 2005.

It was in 2010 that Jérôme, Vanina and their two daughters decided to try a new adventure, selling Their bakery and leaving the French Alps to settle in the Laurentians and raise a new one Challenge by becoming the new owners of the La Bonne Address gîte.
Over the years, with a lot of love and work, Jérôme and Vanina renovate and embellish the house while Keeping the cachet of this beautiful Victorian.


Welcome to our house !

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